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I worked with Kavitha on a townhouse development in Melbourne and I have been very happy with the outcome. Kavitha is an experienced Project Manager and was able to effectively navigate through a range of difficult situations which required persistence and strong negotiation skills; both key strengths of hers. Kavitha has a wealth of knowledge in the property development space and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity for her to help guide me through this project.

Phil Mullins
Group Insurance at MLC

I worked with Alleura on a townhouse project in Brisbane. Kavitha is a great project manager with a strong focus managing the many moving parts that make up a townhouse development. She has a keen eye for extracting the best out of all the professionals and is a strong negotiator when it comes to selecting a suitable builder and finalising the construction quote. The project was successful with all the townhouses being sold for a profit and the finished product was a modern, high quality development that will stand the test of time.Kavitha has a track record of delivering successful projects for her JV partners and I would recommend her as an experienced project manager.

Adam Cooke
Oatlands, NSW

I have been selling in my marketplace for 17 years, and Brisbane has always been a bit behind our southern neighbours. I was first introduced to the Melbourne developer Kavitha a few years ago when Alleura engaged me to give them advice on their development, which I recently sold for a record price in the Ithaca section of Bardon. With Kavitha at the helm, everything from the kitchen, bathrooms, lighting, and even the orientation style of the home was well thought out to a level that Brisbane rarely sees. I would recommend Kavitha to anyone looking for advice on a property, whether from a design, investment, or financing point of view.I am looking forward to many more future projects and having the privilege to market them on behalf of Alleura.

Ben Wakely
Urban Real Estate

Kavitha is a woman with ambition, courage, intelligence and dedication. When Kavitha puts her mind to a project, she is focused and takes action to execute the best results possible. Kavitha is passionate about her work and will do what it takes to produce excellence.

Sophia Vatos
E-View Real Estate Chelsea

During the time I have known Kavitha, her professionalism has shone through in both her demeanour and projects. She has a wealth of knowledge around property investment; and I love the impact she is making on others, especially women.

I’m excited about Kavitha’s future and the positive difference she’s making to the planet.

Luke Skelton
The Property Source

Kavitha always displayed a huge heart towards contributing and making a difference, not only for herself but in her relationships with others. I have loved witnessing her extraordinary results in her family, intimate relationships and in her businesses.

Her drive and determination to not settle for the status quo has seen this incredible woman succeed in a male-dominated environment.

Joanne Omer
Fusion Lifestyle Solutions