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KavithaV Shares With You Her Insider Tricks To Put Money Back In Your Purse
And On To Your Next Investment Project.

Watch Your Step

The first steps to developing a portfolio are to review exactly how much you can spend. Window shopping is never as much fun. With our customisable tables, you can analyse your net worth and current financial position before you begin shopping.

Property Development Topics

Successful Strategies

There are as many ways to increase a properties value as there are shoes in your closet. Here we walk through different strategies to help you make the best choice for you and the property.

Building The Foundations

Here we walk through the pros and cons of each strategy, including renovations, subdivisions and developments. Think about your experience, how much time you have, what support you have and what resources you will need.

Getting Started Checklist

You don’t have to walk this new path alone. Use our Getting Started Checklist as a starting point for your research. There is no such thing as a silly question, ask whatever you need, to make sure you are completely comfortable with a property before you go to contract. Use the list to begin your process of gaining a better understanding of the area, the history of the property and what permits may be required.