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What's Included:

A detailed questionnaire to identify exactly where you are at right now financially. Delve deep and don’t be afraid to share!

A one hour one-on-one consultation. Speak directly with KavithaV to discuss your goals and the best strategies to reach them.

A perfect-fit bespoke action plan is provided to enable you to reach the goals you have set and strut your new financial style. Stand Tall!

Director, The Property Source

During the time I have known Kavitha, her professionalism has shone through in both demeanour and projects. She has a wealth of knowledge around property investment and I love the impact she is making on others, especially women. I’m excited about Kavitha’s future and the positive difference she’s making to the planet.

Fusion Lifestyle Solutions

Kavitha always displayed a huge heart towards contributing and making a difference, not only for herself but in her relationships with others. I have loved witnessing her extraordinary results in her family, intimate relationships and in her businesses.


If for whatever reason you see that the course did not serve you well, please don’t hesitate to contact me to request for a refund.


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